• Economic, financial and asset planning and preparation of business plan
  • Companies evaluetion, branches and assets
  • Investment analysis, evaluation of the internal rate of return, examination of the net present value, identification of the break-even period, study of the most correct forms of finance based on the showed alternatives and assistance in bargaining with credit Institutions
  • Management control, preparation of stock accounts, break-even point analysis in terms of quantity and turnover, analysis of the best price to be applied to the product, analysis of the best mix of products to be produced and marketed and decision support in the purchase option –production

Management control and computerization of business processes

The need of a timely reliable feedback in terms of business performance is the essential key that can make the difference in an increasingly competitive market. ASB consulting performs this function by mapping data flows and business processes, getting rid of inefficiencies and bottlenecks at the information level, furthermore, thanks to the close collaboration with important software houses, it is able to assist you in the computerization, integration and at changing your management software.

Offer of management control and computerization of business processes.

If you do not know exactly the margin of your products, of your customers, the exact value of the warehouse stock or you do not have the tools that promptly give you such information, or even, if you perceive inefficiencies in your Company administrative-management level, then you should contact ASB Consulting.
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